Wedding Anniversary

To celebrate our wedding anniversary, I asked Chris to play Kenneth McKellar singing “My love is like a red-red rose”. He did us proud. Here is what he said, and just a little bit of Kenneth McKellar. Because of copyright, I have dropped the music. Chris runs 4legs Radio station. You can find out more about 4 legs here:

[00:00:00 – Chris Capel] I have a dedication and a lovely piece of music to play, and this dedication goes out to Cathy and Alistair Mills. Its their thirty fifth wedding anniversary today and Alistair has been in contact to play this track for for them both, and especially for his wife, Cathy. I think it must bring back memories to them both. And I hope you have a fantastic day. Whatever you’re up to now, it’s difficult at the moment, but enjoy the day.

[00:00:28 – Chris Capel] Hopefully you’ll speak to family members, by Zoom or whatever. But whatever you do have a fantastic day. The two of you, Alistair and Cathy, all the best for 2021. Let’s hope we have a better year. And you can celebrate properly next year at some point with family members and friends. But here is your choice of track, Alistair and Cathy. And this is Kenneth McKellar and “My love is like a red red rose”. Enjoy it, the two of you.

[00:00:00] – Chris Capel
That was the beautiful “My love is like a red red rose” sung by the wonderful Kenneth McKellar, and that went out to Cathy and Alistair Mills on their thirty fifth wedding anniversary. I hope you have a great day. The two of you and your beautiful choice. I say, Alistair, what a fantastic record. And here’s to another 35 years for you as well. As I say, have a great day. And I’d say, Alistair, you’re a very lucky man, obviously you have a lovely wife. And let’s have a bit of Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Lucky Man, shall we?

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